Lancaster Fine Foods is now a Stir Foods Company  

Packaging & Fulfillment Services

Lancaster Fine Foods Packaging & Fulfillment 

The perfect packaging for your product could shave off excess costs and land you in your target market’s cart. That’s why we obsess over it. Our formats include glass jars (1oz-32oz), plastic bottles, food service pails, portion control cups, and more. Currently we have 500-gallon kettles for larger runs and smaller 150-gallon kettles to fill any order.

In addition, we offer our warehouse storage at low cost, e-store fulfillment and LTL order fulfillment. Our goal is to open up our building as a logistics HQ for our brand owners. That makes it efficient for you to produce here, store product here and ship from here. And since Lancaster is strategically located, we’re within one-day transit of many large markets.

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