Lancaster Fine Foods is now a Stir Foods Company  

Our Mantra & Values

Our Mantra:

At Lancaster Fine Foods we believe in the power of great food and family.  We’re a specialty-food manufacturer, but that’s only the beginning. We’re your partner, cheerleader, mentor and foodie friend. It’s taken some long days in the test kitchen and the boardroom, but together we’ve built something special. Our world class certifications, versatile machinery and strategic location give our brands an edge. Add to that our commercial kitchen and major co-packing experience and you won’t find many like us out there.

We’re nimble. From small-batches to global orders, there’s nothing our brilliant team of chefs and food scientists can’t do. Sourcing ingredients. R & D. Test batches. Packing labels. Production formula. We support you behind the scenes, so you can shine on the shelf.

Most of all, we’re rooting for your dream.  We treat your brand like it’s our own – because we’re brand owners, too. And we know there’s a piece of your soul in that kettle and on that production line. We’re here to grow with you and to lean on. So, if jam is your jam, chutney gets you going in the morning or it’s time for your marinade to become chicken’s soul meat/make its sweet and smoky mark/achieve celebrity status, no one gets it more than we do. When your brand is ready to take on the world, we’re here to welcome you to the family.

Our Values:

Diversity: We believe there is delicious wonder in variety and celebrate food and people from all backgrounds.

Community: We’re a family who cares about brands like they’re our own and makes it a priority to give back, source local, and make the world a better place.

Collaboration: We are humble experts who together with our employees and brand partners strive to achieve unparalleled quality and collective genius.

Resourcefulness:  We have the flexibility, hustle and determination to succeed at any request. No task is too big or too small batch

Trust: Honesty and transparency are at the heart of our relationships with our employees, customers and vendors. Without them, we all fail.

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