Lancaster Fine Foods is now a Stir Foods Company  

Our Facility

Our Facility


Lancaster County is known for our farmlands, family-style feasts, the oldest Central Market and of course our Amish friends. But that’s only one piece of who we are. Our downtown has been revived with exquisite cuisine, prime real estate and contemporary art attracting discriminating guests from all over. New York Times even dubbed us “the new Brooklyn.” While we’re proud to reflect the local culture, which embraces a commitment to family, hard-work, and integrity, we also believe there is delicious wonder in variety and celebrate food and people from all backgrounds.

Our R&D

The last eight years of hard work and strategic planning have led us to a new facility and new possibilities. We have improved strategic machinery and kettles that include the latest CIP technology, which means faster, more efficient production times. Our commercial kitchen allows product owners to work with our chefs and test to perfection.

Our services include:

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