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Lancaster Fine Foods' state of the art manufacturing facility is uniquely located in the heart of Lancaster County. Surrounded by beautiful landscape and active Amish farmland, our location gives a unique advantage logistically.

We are centrally located in the North Eastern Corridor of the United States with more than 12 million people representing 25% of the total US Gross Domestic Product. We are not far from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore/Washington DC or New York City. Our proximity to these major population hubs puts us within easy driving distance.


Our Home, Our Reach

Lancaster County is renowned for our farmlands, family-style feasts, the oldest Central Market and of course our Amish friends. Our downtown has been revived with exquisite cuisine and contemporary art.

The owners all live and raised their families in Lancaster. They knew this was the perfect location for a specialty foods company. Centrally located in the North Eastern Corridor, there are more than 52 million people that represent 25% of the US GDP within a 3-hour radius. We are strategically close to New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C.

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