Customer Relationships

Food Co-Packing

Lancaster Fine Foods welcomes companies with their own recipe or those that need help developing a product to fit a need. Our formulation experts can help in a variety of ways including finding ways for formula maximization, taste improvements, cooking process streamlining or less expensive ingredient variations. We are willing to help in any way that we can to support the success of your brand.

Private Label

Lancaster Fine Foods produces delicious, high quality specialty food products with competitive prices. We have taken years of experience and created an extensive list of recipes that can be manufactured with your unique packaging.

Fulfillment Center

Lancaster Fine Foods has a separate facility specifically designed for website and retail fulfillment. We can store your partial pallets for a small fee and our specially trained shipping personnel will see that your smaller orders are accurately fulfilled in a timely matter. We also have the capabilities to potentially integrate your website to our fulfillment center. Please click here for a list of our fulfillment fees.

New Product Consultation

We are eager to hear about new and innovative products and we welcome the opportunity to combine our abilities with product launches.

Part of product development involves label design. We employee food scientist to create nutritional panels and ingredient lists to satisfy FDA guidelines. Although we do not design labels we have strong relationships within the label industry that we can connect new customers with as they look to develop their branding.


Lancaster Fine Foods is exceptionally versatile and we welcome nearly any production challenge. Our recipe expertise continues to expand.



Lancaster Fine Foods will not, under any circumstances, share your recipes, formulas or processes. All information you provide to us regarding your product will be kept strictly confidential.

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